craft fail

How to epically fail at making this super cute t-shirt pom pom

1. Decide to start while the baby is awake and wanting attention because you have to start right at that moment or you won't get around to it. and you figure it's good for her to see her mom doing something she likes other than playing with said baby.

2. start cutting the cardboard template with miserably dull scissors.

3. Assume that the chosen t-shirt will produce enough strips for the project

4. Estimate the width of t-shirt strips instead of measuring.

5. Keep going along with the tutorial even when you clearly do not have enough t-shirt strips probably because you estimated.

6. Entertain baby with left over t-shirt fabric when she starts to fuss.

7. Take away fabric when you realize that was stupid... replace with suitable toy.

8. Use the dullest scissors ever to cut through multiple layers of fabric.

9. Don't read the directions fully and screw up important part while holding baby in your lap.

10. Finish the stupid project because you've spent so much time on it already and refuse to be left with a useless pile of t-shirt strips.

11. Look at the finished project and decide that it's better suited for a dog toy than room decoration.

12. Laugh and decide not to do that again :)

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Taylor and Joanna said...

Wow! You're right. I just followed your directions and really epically failed. Thanks for your step by step... if we had a dog, I know she would love her new toy ;)