craft fail

How to epically fail at making this super cute t-shirt pom pom

1. Decide to start while the baby is awake and wanting attention because you have to start right at that moment or you won't get around to it. and you figure it's good for her to see her mom doing something she likes other than playing with said baby.

2. start cutting the cardboard template with miserably dull scissors.

3. Assume that the chosen t-shirt will produce enough strips for the project

4. Estimate the width of t-shirt strips instead of measuring.

5. Keep going along with the tutorial even when you clearly do not have enough t-shirt strips probably because you estimated.

6. Entertain baby with left over t-shirt fabric when she starts to fuss.

7. Take away fabric when you realize that was stupid... replace with suitable toy.

8. Use the dullest scissors ever to cut through multiple layers of fabric.

9. Don't read the directions fully and screw up important part while holding baby in your lap.

10. Finish the stupid project because you've spent so much time on it already and refuse to be left with a useless pile of t-shirt strips.

11. Look at the finished project and decide that it's better suited for a dog toy than room decoration.

12. Laugh and decide not to do that again :)


falling behind

Oh, I am so behind on posting, y'all! Clara has changed so much in one month. I now have a 6 month old...that still sounds weird! She is such a joy and is getting more of a little personality every day. She turned 6 months on T-giving and we had such a great day with SO MUCH to be thankful for.
We were blessed to have 2 Thanksgiving meals this year as we have 2 families nearby. the 25th was spent at the DelG's playing games and eating meal #1 (unfortunately, I forgot the card for my camera, oops!) And then on Saturday we had meal #2 with my family after picking out our Christmas tree.

everyone sitting down to enjoy meal #2

the motley crew who volunteered at a friend's non-profit Christmas tree lot and then loaded up our own tree

Oh man, Clara is learning new things every day. I will try and sit down to write a 6 month update, but here is a little video in the mean time (hopefully it works... :/)



the cool thing about having a baby is that there are so many photo ops :) i just can't get enough of this sweet thing. she is 5 months old now!!!! I just can't wrap my mind around that.

She is still such a calm, relaxed and observant little girl. Sleeping, eating, and learning so well. She rolled over about 3 weeks ago and finally a couple of days ago rolled over again... I think that might be partly my fault for not putting her down very often :)

She's becoming more and more interested in what's going on around her. I can no longer eat or drink with her in my arms because of her tiny hands swatting at whatever is within reach. She's able to sit for about 2-3 seconds before wobbling over. She loves to be held close but doesn't like to lay her head on your shoulder. She loves to be read to and talked to and looooves listening to her own voice.

Thanks for tuning in to see the updates :)


4 months!

Yes, it's true. Clara is already 4 months old! where does the time go? Here is a little picture journey of the past couple of weeks:

Yay! this was taken on her 4 month b-day :)

smiling more and more!

she's seen so many people! Here's Clara with her Grandma Kathi and Great Grandma Elsie

She even got to meet her Great Great Grandma Honey Bea! She's 98 years old and still going strong!

She hung out with her Great Mema

She tolerates tummy time but really prefers to be held

took her first nap on her stomach (and actually takes a lot of naps like this)

Finally got to meet her favorite Auntie Sheels! We love her

and sat in the bumbo for the first time... which she liked more than it appears :)

Clara at 4 months old you:
-are such a happy and chill baby!
-loooove to suck/mawl your fingers and fists
-are still eating about every 2.5-3 hours and weigh almost 14 lbs! We are loving breastfeeding. it is such a special time for the two of us... although you're starting to get distracted at times.
-are up and down with your naps :) sometimes you do great in your crib and other times will only sleep if mom or dad is cuddling you. Daddy noticed that you always like to hold on to our shirts when we're cuddling-- so sweet!
-sleep for about 7-8 hours at night, eat, and then sleep for another 3ish hours. this has actually been hit or miss the last week or so and i'm not sure why.
-are sooo strong! you love to stand on our laps and can hold your head up very well when on your tummy
-smile at us all the time. all we have to do is make a silly noise or smile at you and you respond with that sweet gummy smile and sometimes a little giggle.
-every time you sleep in your bed, you end up rotating sideways.
-the other night you woke up and started talking so sweetly in the dark. your dad and i just laid there and listened to your sweet voice.
-really like laying on your changing table and talking to daddy.
-love looking at trees. whenever we're outside, you are mesmerized by the leaves blowing in the wind.
-are still loooving your baths. it's such a relaxing time for you.
-are very close to rolling over and finding your toes. This will be so exciting!!

sorry for the long post! hopefully everybody feels caught up now!!


She laughs!

and smiles!!! Clara has been doing an "almost giggle" for the past week or so but last night she finally laughed! It was seriously so sweet. I was holding her and my mom was leaning down just talking to her like she always does and Clara got so tickled! She kept smiling, talking and giggling. I LOVE IT!!! I can't wait until she laughs all the time.

oh, and she's started to suck on her fingers a lot!

my sweet, happy baby.

"Time will pass. She will grow. Rather than trying to hold onto each day, each moment, I stood in the stream with my arms outstretched and focused on the delight of the feeling of the water as it flowed by my fingers. Far from trying to stop it, I instead celebrated the sensation of it passing."

i read these words on another blog today. it is what is in my heart.

Still love them Cowboys...just not #71

and i still cannot really catch her smiles on camera...she's a sly one :)

we went out to eat with B's parents on Friday night. We had a great time and Clara was super alert the whole time watching the waiters go back and forth. AAAAAAADorable :)